The FAGOR 8025 CNC is a compact CNC designed to control all kinds of machine-tools having 1 to 5 axes at the best feature/cost ratio.

The Fagor 8025 CNC integrates in a single module, the central control unit (with an optional integrated PLC) and the monitor/keyboard/operator panel to display data and operate the CNC.

For milling machines, machining centers, boring mills and grinders
Among its main characteristics are:

Entre sus características, son de destacar:

- Linear, circular and helical Interpolation
- Numerous canned cycles, such as drilling, threading,   boring/reaming, pocket (rectangular   and circular), user   defined cycle, etc.
- Specific program for model digitizing.
- Tool radius, length, wear compensations, leadscrew error   compensation and cross   compensation.
- Constant surface speed (FAGOR 8025T CNC).

CNC > 8025 CNC (up to 4 axes)

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