The Fagor 8055 is a powerful CNC designed to meet the most demanding Machine-Tool applications: lathes and turning centers, milling machines, machining centers and general purpose applications. Thanks to is great calculating power and processing speed, they offer high-end features with the maximum programming versatility.

Easy to program thanks to its profile editor and its
interactive editor. Easy to install thanks to its PLC Logic Analyzer.

   Conversational Models
   - For mills

The conversational models of the Fagor 8055 (MC/TC) series CNCs offer all the standard features of that CNC plus an interactive graphic interface, thanks to which, no programming knowledge is required to operate them.

- Machining simulation with graphics in   3D, solid and for tool   path.
- Linear, circular and helical   interpolation   of up to 7 axes   simultaneously.
- Intelligent profile editor.


   - For lathes


   Customizable Models

As a result of our continuous evolution, a new conversational CNC family has come to life: The CNC FAGOR 8055 TCO/MCO series whose PC-based tools allow customizing cycles and application characteristics to OEM's will.
These cycles, once integrated into the CNC, may be used like any of the other conversational models.

- Customizable keyboard   TCO/MCO.
- PCustomizable screen   TCO/MCO.
- Simple high level language to   define the configuration files   that set the characteristics of   each screen.
- Overlaying of windows   activated from the PLC.


   Integrated Models

Within the FAGOR 8055 CNC family, Fagor Automation presents its 8055-i CNC. Thanks to its integrated CPU and small size, it may be fitted practically anywhere on the machine.

This powerful CNC comes in different models:

- With ISO programming
- Conversational models
- Customizable models




   Educational Model

The FAGOR educational 8055 CNC is especially designed for training centers. It may be used for editing and simulating part-programs and send them to a CNC machine through DNC or Ethernet to be machined later on. The same CPU may work as a mill model or a lathe model and it offers all the software options of the 8055 CNC family.


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