FAGOR AUTOMATION, S. COOP., has expanded his new CNC family with the new FAGOR 8070 CNC, which meeting the demands of high speed machining.
With the FAGOR 8070 CNC, each instruction can be executed in an extremely short time while maintaining full machining precision.

The FAGOR 8070 CNC can control up to 28 axes, 4 spindles. Being an open system CNC, it has a great program and data storage capacity (hard disk), great communications capability, possibility to integrate third-party software and incredible level of customisation.

   Remote Modules

The stackable input/output modules (analog, digital and feedback) may be combined to obtain the best configuration possible. These modules, controlled via CAN, may be installed at different points of the machine according to the OEM's requirements.


Using the 8070 CNC simulator, the operator may simulate the features of the Fagor 8070 CNC at a PC.

CNC > 8070 CNC (up to 32 axes)

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