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Linear encoder for press brake applications

Fagor Automation introduces the MTD-P-2R linear encoder especially designed for press brake applications. The large forces required in metal forming operations can provoke machine deformation which in turn puts strain on the linear encoder

This strain will affect the performance of the linear encoder and may lead to a reduction of accuracy or repeatability in the forming operation.

To overcome this problem Fagor Automation has designed an incremental linear encoder especially for press brake applications. The linear encoder is supplied as a pre assembled unit. The linear encoder and reader head are connected to the aluminum support and it can be connected directly to the machine.


 Measuring Chromed glass scale with 20 m (0.0008 inch) grating pitch
 Accuracy ± 10 µm
 Resolution 5 µm
 Reference marks Io Una marca en cada extremo o Io codificado
 Maximum Speed
60 m/min. (198 pies/min.)
 Maximum Vibration
3 g
 Moving Force
IP53 (standar)
IP64 (DIN 40050) with air intake
 Output Signals
Two trains of pulses, A and B, shifted 90º plus their inverted signals /A, /B.
Differential TTL
 Output signal period T
20 µm

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